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A few weeks ago, I was a guest in a blog post by Joel Rauser at Cornerstone Physical Therapy here in The Springs. You can check it out here. There are a couple of great videos about my approach to running form, as well as some other great information.

One of the things the videos focus on is the lack of variability in our everyday lives. We walk on flat ground all the time, most of the time with big cushions on our feet. If there is an obstacle, we try to avoid it by going around, still on the flat ground. Then something unexpected happens: a curb appears! The neighbor’s dog runs across your path! Your child surprises you from around the corner!

What happens now? Well, if you have only been on flat ground for the last decade, you had better hope you land on flat ground. If you happen to hit an edge of the cement, a stair, or slippery ground, your odds of getting hurt are pretty high. After all, you haven’t experienced that in a decade. How could your body be prepared for it? It is expecting flat ground and is only prepared for flat ground.

If you utilize the great trails we have in Colorado Springs, and you wear flat, thin shoes so you can feel the ground, you will be used to the different angles your foot and ankle will have to stabilize in, as well as a crucial skill of “learning to fall safely.” You will immediately recognize the precarious position your foot is in, unweight that foot, and catch yourself on more solid ground on your other foot (of course, this happens faster than you can think). You must train your body to react to protect yourself when you are in vulnerable positions. If your body does not know what it is like to trip and recover, don’t expect it to be able to do it when you need it most.

Injury prevention is not about avoiding high injury situations, but about preparing for them. This is what I call Resiliency Training. Check out the video below to see how we can increase your bodies tolerance to stress and tissue damage!