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Resiliency Training

Self Care Strategies gives patients and clients a way to change their pain by themselves, reducing the need for a practitioner. Simple things like isometric exercise, PNF stretching, and self massage can reduce pain in a pinch to help you do what you need to do if you cannot immediately seek care. Many times patients have applied these approaches too aggressively in the past, chronically aggravating an area which keeps them in pain. Introducing these techniques or calibrating what you may already be doing can drastically speed up the healing process.

Remodeling involves exposing the body to provocative movements or vulnerable positions in order to get it to adapt and better handle forces in those positions to help reduce injury risk and recovery time. If 99% of us dropped into the splits, we would be gravely injured. The 1% that can do it developed the skill over years of adaptation and practice so that it was no longer dangerous. We can find those exercises for your sport or career to help you remain injury-free.

Resistance Training is what you do when you lift weights in the gym. Unfortunately, most of the common exercises we all learn were designed with bodybuilding in mind, not the health of your body. We will teach you the best ways to increase your bodies ability to handle weight without injuring yourself, be it in the gym or lifting up your child.

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