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Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

Treatment Pricing Initial Exam – $125 (Discounted Price $100) – Includes first treatment

30 Mins 30 Min Discount 60 Mins 60 Min Discount
Single Visit $75 $60 $125 $100
10 Visit Package $675 (10% off) $570 (5% off) $1125 (10% off) $950 (5% off)
20 Visit Package $1200 (20% off) $1080 (10% off) $2000 (20% off) $1800 (10% off)

Discounted Pricing for Active Duty Military and their Families, Police, Fire, EMT, and Teachers!

Visits include the following: Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Dry Needling, Myofascial Mobilization, Cupping, Graston Technique, KenisioTaping, Exercise Prescription

Training Pricing – 60 Minutes

  Full Discount
Single Client $75.00 $60.00
Two Clients $125.00 $100.00
10 Training Package $675 (10% off) $570 (5% off)
w/ 2 clients $1125 (10% off) $950 (5% off)
20 Training Package $1200 (20% off) $1080 (10% off)
w/ 2 clients $2000 (20% off) $1800 (10% off)

Does Colorado Springs Movement accept medical insurance? We are not currently in-network with any insurance companies. Working with insurance companies means that, by law, we must cater to THEM before we decide what is best FOR YOU. Many times certain treatments are neglected because the insurance company will not reimburse the practitioner, or reimburses at such a low rate that it becomes untenable for the doctor to provide the care. This also incentivizes the doctor to provide as many services as they can, regardless of their treatment effectiveness, in order to increase their reimbursement (if you feel like you are on an assembly line at your current doctor’s visits, you know what I mean). Having fought with insurance companies in my early career to get my patients the treatments they needed, as well as seeing patients get bills for services that should have been covered, it seemed clear to me that for-profit insurance companies are in this for profit, and not your best health interests.  At Colorado Springs Movement, we work directly for you. We do not have to ask your insurance company for permission, but rather can choose the most effective treatments to get you back to full health as quickly as possible. We don’t have to waste money sitting on hold for hours to figure out your benefits, and you don’t have to deal with the terrible surprise bill after a supposedly covered service comes back as uncovered.

Doesn’t that mean it will cost me more than going somewhere that takes my insurance? Not necessarily. It is often cheaper to not use your medical insurance! The enactment of the Affordable Health Care Act has drastically increased the cost of insurance. Not only that, but the benefits have decreased as well. Many people with insurance have very high deductibles ($5,000 – $10,000) that they will not reach during the year, meaning the entire cost is on your shoulders until you spend that amount, resetting every 12 months. Many visits can be upwards of $300 before you hit this level, and the practitioners are required to charge you this amount by law due to their contract with the insurance company. Think of how much money you can save spending only $75 on an appointment! By avoiding the insurance game, we can provide you with TRUE HEALTHCARE that is not dictated by a third party, with a consistently low price so there are no surprises. We will spend much more time with you than at a typical medical or chiropractor’s office where the average time you see the doctor is a few minutes. This helps to get you better faster, further saving you time, money, and all the headaches that go along with insurance. And remember, we have discounts for Active Duty Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, EMT and Teachers!

Why not bill the insurance, and then bill me for what is not covered? Taking insurance requires a big increase in overhead for medical providers, and usually hiring additional staff. We keep costs low by not accepting insurance.

Can I use my insurance at all, even if you are not involved? Yes! Depending on if your plan has out-of-network benefits. We can provide you with an itemized statement of the care provided, and you can submit this for reimbursement with any additional forms your healthcare plan requires. If you have difficulty getting reimbursement, we recommend contacting a professional insurance billing company (it’s so confusing for everyone it has its own job!) They can guide you through the process.

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